Interesting Info about Mobile Phone Jammers

It’s estimated that 5,000 deaths per year are due to road related events, though we completely understand well the importance of keeping ourselves on the safe side while on the roads. However, there are some distinct matters that need to be addressed. In some way, we are doubting that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) which is in charge of keeping airwaves working, is about to just sign off on this idea willy-nilly.

My dad, who in his years as a travelling salesman has over 1.8 million miles of driving, said that mobile phones are not the only trouble. “What about the new dashboard tools with all of the monitors ? What about the person mounting video displays on the dash ? Let’s go old school and discuss the number of women I’ve seen doing their make-up while driving 60 MPH or reading, and I’ve even seen men shaving while on the interstate.” He continued to add, “Yeah, maybe it will make us safer, but it will be a damned trouble. Do they truly consider that it’ll take anybody more than several moments to solve a way to disable it ?”

Yeah, he is right, as folks will need to find a way to disable it and we’ll finish several hundred dollars tacked on to the cost of our automobiles for something we are all going to solve how to get around.

Another wonder, certainly, is what will occur with the older automobiles? Automobile sales are going down, since men are now holding on to their older versions for longer time, or purchasing utilized ones. So are we going to be compulsory to install the technology into our automobiles ?

While I am sure that authorities have the best of aims here, they’re not thinking things through. We are crafty as a nation and we find ways to skirt matters like this.

However, sometimes mobile phone could be a source of a misfortune or irritation. It’s prohibited to use mobile phone in such places as jails, health centers and a lot of industrial agencies. That’s when you need a cell phone jammer, a gadget which is designed to help you block GSM 4G and other different frequencies in a specific radius so that mobile phones are unable to function properly. Mobile phone jammers can be used for different purposes such as blocking GSM, WiFi/Bluetooth and other signals, and have become extremely in demand today.

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