In France: the situation of Mobile communications and cell phone jammers

The wireless communications are well developed in France. Not only the country is fully covered with a GSM service and 3G mobile internet, but also 4G mobile communications is spreading fast. What’s more, Wi-Fi networks are pretty usual, and you can find a free hotspot in most public places such as airports, hotels, libraries and restaurants.

The four major mobile carriers in France


  • Orange France
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Free Mobile

Though mobile communications bring us great convenience, it would be very annoying when disturbance or noise is also incurred via someone else. Or in other cases, when you want to use cell phone jammers for certain purposes ……

Our cell phone jammers can be used to block all the mobile services in France. Now let’s take a detailed look at the mobile communications/signals that can be jammed:

GSM900 and GSM1800

3G 900 /2100 MHz by Bouygues
3G 900 /2100 MHz by Free Mobile
3G 900 /2100 MHz by Orange
3G 900 /2100 MHz by SFR

4G LTE SFR 700 (undeployed)/ 800/1800/2600Mhz
4G LTE Free Mobile 700 (being deployed) / 1800/2600Mhz
4G LTE Orange 700 (undeployed) /800/1800/2600Mhz
4G LTE Bouygues 700Mhz (being deployed) /800/1800/2600Mhz

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